Emily Potter and the Tea House

Our last day in Hoi An began by cycling towards the pottery village that took 15-20 mins of arduous journey by battling trucks, cars, bikes and dusts. One thing for certain, it’s wise to grab one of those masks for health reasons and looking cool like a ninja. We’ve made a few wrong turns along the way and eventually arrived at a place where tourists wondering by and get a feel of making pots.

Taking a scene from Ghost

Lovely Mum and Daughter

Antonio Gaudi should be very proud of these works.

This village is renowned for its clay works and each shop owners were trying to entice us by helping them to make pottery. Its a cool idea and learning how they make a living to create pots, miniature toys and etc… Rather than having an automatic spinning base to rotate the clay, they just use a helper to use thier leg to spin it.

You spin me right round baby right round 

As we waved goodbye, we then ventured back to the ancient town to experience a unique stay at a tea house.

This way baby

The tea house we visited is organised and operated by people that are hearing impaired. It’s called Reaching Out and well recommmended in the Trip Advisor website. Upon entering, we’re welcomed by a claustrophic black cat that’s too cute to interact with. Until it fell on the water when it had a big fright by another foreigner that’s willing to carry the cat.

Not too close..

The atmosphere is peaceful and a way to de-stress after a hard working day (which we haven’t since our trip). The staff are friendly and the menu are specific in choosing tea or coffee, as well as added snacks to enjoy the full experience of flavour and its sweet aroma. 

More please…

Emily had the tea and I was having the coffee for a quick wake me up. We both shared the snacks, and with the power combined we were revitalised and enjoyed a sweet inner peace of staring each other of who’s the one to ask the bill. 

Cheque Please…

Can I drink and eat now?

Pointing out the word, they immediately respond and also a neat way to have common dialog with them. We were so impressed and definitely would come back again.


The trip to the Pottery village is free, although we did buy by bracelet from the place as they were super friendly.

The tea house, we spent altogether is around 200K VND – 11$

Rating 9.5/10

– Johnny


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