Shiny Rocks at Marble Mountain

Train to Da Nang was awesone. It’s good to take the train because you have the best way to view the landscapes of the Mountains. Well .. we didn’t see much, as we were both tired from the morning journey to see the Pagoda and the Imperial City.

Not too bad, plus you get a free charger via USB

Accomodation (Hostel)Walking from the Train station to our hostel wasn’t that long. It took roughly 10 minutes to walk and checked in to our Hostel called Funtastic Hostel. The place is not bad and its pretty clean. It’s a shared bathroom/toilet that we could use and each bunk bed has its own curtains. Lodging cost around $6.

My bunk buddy

Bus Transport (#1 Bus route)

As all our bags are checked-in, phones charged up and feeling somewhat lighter, we are on our way to Marble Mountain. Since we are pressed for time we have to go pronto. Looking at our Maps.Me android app (highly recommended for offline app), we head straight to the bus stop which is just right around the corner. It’s the same bus route to Hoi-An and paid for the bus trip for 30K dong which is $1.76. According to lonely planet guide it should be $20k. I know it’s still cheap, but its the principle – I notice other passengers pay 20K.

After a 10-15 minute ride, we arrived at the place, and oh my – there are so many sculptures to see.
Marble Mountain

Along the road towards the shiny rocks, there are sculptures of Buddha, Christianity figures and other famous people through history. Considering it was hot and humid, we had the best cane juice I’ve tasted. Pretty cheap, I think its around 5000 VND nearby at the gate.

We are family 🎶

This could go handy at my mum’s backyard

Yep, not freaky at all

A fee is required to enter, which is around $2. There’s a cluster of hills to view from above and a few caves and limestones to wander about. The mountain is quite big, so take your time to climb up the mountain as the air gets pretty thin.

If you feel more adventurous, there’s one of the caves that you can do some rock climbing (be careful, its a bit slippery because its marble).

I just grew 5 inch taller

My mum would get some ideas for her backyard.

Can see the house from here

Near at the top of the mountain, there’s a signboard map that tells the visitors where to view, such as the pagoda, heaven’s gate and more caves. I think, there’s a legend that if you reach to the top you may get true happiness and/or fortunes on your way.

This seems to be a glorious sign.

You feel like Indiana Jones, when entering the caves with it’s intimidating gaping hole and seeing little details on the walls that you may think there’s a hidden trap door somewhere.

I hope i dont come across a guy who pulls hearts out.

As the time ticks over 5pm, we then scurried to the bus stop and luckilly we took the last bus heading back to the city and paid 20K VND for it. Sweet.

I loves Pancakes, extra calories won’t hurt, will it?

Awesome people to meet. I think we may cross path in the near future

This was our last day, in our hostel and had an amazing free breakfast with fellow travellers whom I had the utmost pleasure to listen to their background and travel stories. Someday we may cross path and hearing on with their onward journeys.
Overall, I rate this experience 9 out of 10 and really cheap place to visit. I wish we could stay a bit longer to explore more of Da Nang.

– Johnny


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