Staying cool in Koh Chang

During the month of Water Festival, we headed through to a remote island from Bangkok to enjoy the sun and lazing on the beach. This place is called Ko Chang. It’s a 6-7 hour journey to take the bus, a taxi jeep and a ferry.

We tried to wake up early morning to catch the government bus to head to the port from the Bus terminal. However we ended up riding on a mini-private bus which cost a bit more. This is a realisation that we should have bought ticket a day before as it was sold out. Moreover, the mini-bus we took doesn’t go straight to the port so we have to take a taxi jeep that’s 15 kilometers away. Anyways, from it’s slight mishap – we met fellow travellers on board on the taxi jeep and are currently on holidays from their Job teaching in English in Bangkok. They’re originally from Russia and I was so inspired by their journey yet they told me they miss home and the snows.

Looking back, we sometimes miss our Family, Friends, our social activities such as Karate, Badminton, Board Games and walking our dog Gizmo to know how they’re going. I guess at the end of the day, they’re so much beauty in the world that we want to uncover our potential and grow day by day.


Here comes our Ferry

Loving the breeze

When we arrived in the Terminal, my wife saw a truckload of DURIANS!! We both love durians. People we spoke during our trip have mixed reviews but one thing for sure, it is quite expensive to get and delicious to devour into. We then hopped onto the ferry,  and mostly stood the whole way through with the open air window feeling the breeze.

The anticipation of going to the beach and eating durian or coconut by the side will have our mouths salivating thinking of eat it.

From the outset, the island looks like a scene from King Kong but looks really inviting with a welcome sign called ‘Welcome to Koh Chang’. It was a dreary, wet morning where a couple of taxis on stand by to get to our hostels. Depending on which the tourists get off, they charge us by the distance. Note: Don’t ask how much, as there’s a fixed price on the back of the taxi when you get on board.


Thank you for the invitation


Our stay for the next 3 days, are spent on the bungalow amongst the trees, beach and mosquitoes and other insects alike. We were welcomed by a massive grasshopper who happens to hopped onto our bed and we’ve ran out like crazy. After a few scary hiccups, we’ve open the door and started using our skills of golf, tennis and baseball to name a few in order to get rid off it.


Are we in the right place?

Our stay in the bungallows is quite challenging, especially for Em. We did like the fact there’s a mosquito net and a cosy double bed. However paranoia set’s in for her that we decided to move to another well-situated place that no insects are forbidden to enter.

Who you gonna call? Mosquito Busters!


Our lovely home for the next 3 days.


Our taxi ride from the port to the beach.

Beach Life

The sun in Ko Chang at this time is really hot, so we headed to the beach to relax, cool down and feel the wave baby. At lonely beach, this is a place for younger people who likes to party, clubbing and having some good vibes. It’s also place that you can get free drinks at a certain time, so keep an eye out on people giving out flyers to spend time at their respective clubs.

The most popular vice is drinking from a bucket – basically is a mixture of Vodka and Soda or Juice (I prefer Juice) on a massive 2 litre buckets. So no complaints there.


Good way to tan up

The following day, we went to venture to the other side of the beach and delve
into a bay or a small beach that’s close to an upper class bungallows. I’m pretty sure these accommodation are better than ours. Getting there was a bit of a stretch, even try to stay close to the side of the road.

But it was worth it when we went to the other side and seeing the lovely sunset basking on the side coast of the island.


Ahh the serenity


Awww look at the face.


Goodnight Sun.

Dogs in this lovely area likes to wander around this place as well. They like to come really close, which we feel it’s too close and a bit dangerous when they show their teeth and bark at us. At this stage, we felt it’s time to head back home.


I smell fresh meat.


Those dogs looks a bit dangerous, better stay away.


Oh yeh, thank you.

Our time in Ko Chang was amazing, there were a few hiccups along the way e.g. mosquitoes and decided at another area that has a swimming pool and a better room without any gaps or creaks where insects won’t get in. Paying a bit more it’s not bad and the cost acommodation is relatively cheap for another 2 night stay at another beach area in Ko Chang.

Towards the end of our stay, we met a couple of South African ladies who does a remote work on the side, teaching English via Skype. To me, this sounds a great idea and the cost of living and raking in $2500 to $3000 a month is a good enough to save a bit of money for a deposit back home. This has inspired me to look for work to do online where we I could do a bit and fund our travels. Then again, at the same time we want to experience that we never expereience before e.g. carpentery, hostel maintenance, construction/building. I guess time will tell on our journey.


Best Thai beer ever.

Thank you for reading.



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