Couples Guide in Volunteering

As a 30+ young couple going for a sabbatical year, we want to volunteer in any way we can.  Through our skills in IT or Accounting to never before in Teaching, Hospitality or Farming etc... Not only to look for the experience but also to embrace the culture and understanding the people on the other side … Continue reading Couples Guide in Volunteering


Pagoda and the Imperial City (The Citadel) in Hue

We boarded the bus to Hue and spent the night. The bus ride was quite long and didn't have time to book online. Although, we researched earlier at which place to stay and luckily enough, the bus stopped nearby at the homestay. The place is called Kim's Homestay. It is very nice and happy enough … Continue reading Pagoda and the Imperial City (The Citadel) in Hue