Shiny Rocks at Marble Mountain

Train to Da Nang was awesone. It's good to take the train because you have the best way to view the landscapes of the Mountains. Well .. we didn't see much, as we were both tired from the morning journey to see the Pagoda and the Imperial City. Accomodation (Hostel)Walking from the Train station to our … Continue reading Shiny Rocks at Marble Mountain

Pagoda and the Imperial City (The Citadel) in Hue

We boarded the bus to Hue and spent the night. The bus ride was quite long and didn't have time to book online. Although, we researched earlier at which place to stay and luckily enough, the bus stopped nearby at the homestay. The place is called Kim's Homestay. It is very nice and happy enough … Continue reading Pagoda and the Imperial City (The Citadel) in Hue